The Disney/ABC Television Group is composed of The Walt Disney Company's (NYSE: DIS) global entertainment and news television properties, owned television stations group and a radio business.







Disney Media Distribution (DMD) is responsible for the international distribution of The Walt Disney Company's branded and non-branded content to all platforms, encompassing television, broadband and mobile outlets. The division distributes more than 30,000 hours of programming to over 1,300 platform partners across 240 territories worldwide.  DMD's content portfolio includes feature films, scripted and reality series, live-action and animated kids content, ABC News, and specials such as the Academy Awards.
Disney Media Distribution also oversees channel expansion and distribution worldwide for Disney-branded channels, such as Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior; as well as ESPN-branded channels, including ESPN International, ESPN Classic and ESPN America.

International Program Distribution:

Disney Media Distribution expands the reach and success of television programs through global distribution of programming, including primetime hits “Desperate Housewives, “Grey's Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds,” “Private Practice,” “Castle” and “Cougar Town.” DMD is the largest international distributor of kids and family programming, licensing Disney-produced animated and live action original series and movies, including “Phineas and Ferb,” “Handy Manny,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.”  DMD also licenses original movies from ESPN and programming from ABC Family, including “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Make It or Break It.”

Creating long term value by extending its programming reach worldwide, DMD licenses scripted and reality series formats across the globe.  DMD has licensed international local versions of “The Amazing Race” (China, Israel, pan-Asia and Latin America), “Extreme Makeover” (over 15 territories), “Desperate Housewives” (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia/Ecuador, U.S. Hispanic market), “Grey's Anatomy” (Colombia) and “The Golden Girls” (Venezuela, Russia, Greece).

Feature Film Distribution:

Establishing multi-year feature film deals with myriad platforms around the globe, DMD licenses content from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney/Pixar, Touchstone Pictures, Dreamworks and Marvel Studios, including “Toy Story 3,” Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” “Tangled” and “TRON: Legacy.”  The division continues to develop opportunities for further distribution of The Walt Disney Company's extensive film library.

Channel Distribution:

The Walt Disney Company's international presence is further enhanced with Disney Media Distribution's development and expansion of its Disney and ESPN-branded cable and satellite channels.  Currently Disney Channels Worldwide has 95 kid-driven, family inclusive entertainment channels and/or channel feeds available in more than 169 countries and territories. The platform brands are Disney Channel, Disney XD, Playhouse Disney (rebranded Disney Junior in 2011), Disney Cinemagic, Hungama and Radio Disney. ESPN's diverse library and broadcast rights for more than 130 leagues and sports can be found across 46 networks in over 200 territories on every continent of the world.

Innovative Distribution – Creating Client Opportunities and Consumer Options:

As technology changes the media landscape, impacting consumer behavior and traditional models, Disney Media Distribution continues to leverage opportunities through innovative partnerships with international broadcasters and platforms to extend its content, brand and reach.  DMD develops innovative “windowing” strategies that enhance viewers' choice and experience in watching their favorite content.  DMD has negotiated multi-year deals with video-on-demand (ad supported, transactional and subscription), broadband, download services and mobile carriers to create multiple and convenient viewing opportunities and new revenue streams.  In Korea, “Desperate Housewives” fans can watch the series through seven different “windows” the division has negotiated, including free-to-air, pay and VOD platforms.  Additionally, DMD was the first to negotiate an international deal for full-length films on mobile VOD.  Other deals offer catch-up or sneak-peak opportunities.  DMD negotiated an industry first with its “Hot from the U.S.,” which brings live-action hits series like “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy” to VOD platforms within 24-48 hours after their U.S. broadcast.  Such opportunities offer an immediate and legitimate connection to viewers' favorite content.

DMD continues to leverage the value of The Walt Disney Company's creative excellence to develop opportunities through innovative distribution, strategic windowing and the support of collaborative marketing synergies to create exceptional client and consumer options while optimizing revenue streams.